P O P - R E A L I S M + G A L L E R Y

Kaelho's iconic pop-realism is a fusion of natural beauty and neo-traditional inking. This variation brings a twist of vividity and boldness to some of natures most spectacular wonders! 

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S Y N E R G Y + G A L L E R Y

The Synergy Style incorporates bright, vivid color with a surreal realism. It brings animals and foliage to life in an imaginative new way. From whiskers to fins and everything in between the Synergy Style brings joy to all animal lovers' hearts.

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Sandy | Oregon | United States

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© 2017-18 All artwork copyrights belong to painter pop-realism artist Karin E. Hoffman (BlissBrush Studio) and may not be reproduced without written consent.

Portlander's Rose

This rose artwork is derived from the International Rose Test Garden in Washington Park, OR. The IRTG is one of the few places in the world where so many varieties and hybrids of roses can be seen and viewed by the public. Originally started to save the European variants from demise in World War I, the roses first began arriving in Portland in 1918. So fitting that this fair city known as "The City of Roses" would be the ones to become a haven for the delicate blooms of Europe.