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Giraffe of Kenya
Bald Eagle of Yosemite
St John’s Bridge, Portland
Mt Hood Slopes
Blue Star Donuts, Portland
Sisters Oregon
Crater Lake, Deep Blue
Elk of the Yellowstone
Icelandic Summer Pony
Peacock Passion
Panda Bamboo'd
Grizzly Bear Trance
Mt. Hood Brilliance
St. John's Bridge, Portland, OR
The famous and iconic St. John's Bridge in Portland, OR.
Smith Rock State Park, OR
Smith Rock State Park is an American state park located in central Oregon's High Desert near the communities of Redmond and Terrebonne. Its sheer cliffs of tuff and basalt are ideal for rock climbing of all difficulty levels. Smith Rock is generally considered the birthplace of modern American sport climbing, and is host to cutting-edge climbing routes. It is popular for sport climbing, traditional climbing, multi-pitch climbing, and bouldering.
Mt. Hood, Devil's Peak
If you follow the Pacific Coast Trail down the West Coast you will stumble upon one of the most incredible views from one of the coolest locations - Devil's Peak. Up upon Devil's Peak decades ago, was built a fire watch station. Hard to get to, but worth the view. This artwork is based off a view from inside this old fire watch station, where many good-hearted hikers have rested on their journey down the Pacific Coast Trail. It is cared for by the people that use it and stocked with food for
Winter Wanderlust
Authentic, signed, gallery-wrapped, ready-to-hang, giclee CANVAS art-reproduction.

This gorgeous winter beauty captures the essence of everything winter about the Pacific Northwest, the Cascade Mountains, and the forests of Mt. Hood. As skiers are very used to such wonderful sights, it is a novelty of dreams to see the stately fir trees light by the golden rays of the sunrise.
If you are fortunate to live in the Pacific Northwest, you understand that its beauty is truly breathtaking to behold.
Multnomah Falls Spring
Multnomah Falls is a gorgeous dual falls that fly off the high cliffs of the Columbia Gorge. These crystal mountain waters draws 2 million people each year to gaze at their beautiful specter. This gem is a foundational icon of the beloved Columbia Gorge and my own childhood memories. If you are ready for a climb, the trail across the 1915 viewing bridge to the top of the cliff brings you to a breathtaking view.of the Columbia River.
Mt. Hood Aurora (Full Original Size)
Welcome the dawn! This is what the Mountain and the Columbia River seem to cry as they are bathed in the new light of a beginning day. Mt. Hood blushes and the Columbia River reflects as the dawn comes forth. This artwork was a custom commission for a woman in Chicago, IL, who wanted a piece of her home state of Oregon to carry in her heart.
Dragonfly & Lotus 8x10 Print
This reproduction of a commissioned piece brings tranquility and delicacy to any wall it graces. With flares of color intermingled with the deep purples and light pastels, this dragonfly is ful of life! The specially commissioned original (with 3'x2' dimensions) hangs by the living room fireplace in a fine local townhouse.. - - - Karin E. Hoffman
Mt. Hood Serene
The latest in the Mt. Hood series, "Mt. Hood Serene" represents the serenity that this lovely lady brings to Oregon's section of the Pacific Northwest. Her skirts brush into the edges of the Mt. Hood National Forest as her statuesque figure towers over the many lakes of the region. She is as enchanting as she is chilling. May her peaceful sentry sooth your soul.
Red Angus Cowabunga 8x10 Print
These gorgeous bovines represent the Pacific NW's cow and cattle country. Gaze into these lovelies liquid soft eyes and enjoy the massive strength of such fine creatures.
Mt. Hood Majestic 8x10 Print
One of the most beautiful mountains in the entire United States, Mt. Hood is one of the most iconic. Here she is with native fir trees, colorful Rhododendrons, and the clear, clean sky of the Pacific NW.
Transfixed Cat 8x10 Print
I loved bringing this cat to life! I tried to use all colors but black and white in the piece. His cat eyes got special treatment and he is now one stunning tom cat! He wants your kitty cat heart and he's coming to get it! He is definitely a favorite.
Cat-fe Coffee 8x10 Print
Inspired by a local coffee shop's name, "Cat-fe Coffee" is a huge hit for both cat lovers and coffee lovers alike. His orange face and pink tongue show his excited love for his yummy espresso in his coffee mug. How do cats go out at night? Coffee, hands down.
Thrive 8x10 Print
Peacocks in Paradise 8x10 Print
Native: Canis Lupus 8x10 Print
This is a must piece for wolf lovers. Wolves are one of the most iconic predators in the Pacific Northwest and a symbol for the Native Americans. I am proud to have Cherokee blood in my veins and possibly be related to a great chief. Cherokee pride!
The wolf was once prevalent throughout the Pacific NW. The wolf, Canis Lupus, was a native of this region and is now making a comeback.
No other wild dog is as symbolic as the Gray Wolf to both the Native Americans (part of my heri
Orca Fishes 8x10 Print
From Shamu to Keiko from "Free Willy" to the Resident/Transient Orca of the Pacific Northwest, this large dolphin has inspired many to love an to awe! The Resident Killer Whales of Puget Sound in Washington state hunt Chinook salmon for the main course of their diet. Currently, the unique subgroups of orcas found there are endangered and in need of protection. This piece of art hopes to signify the amazing beauty and brilliance of the black and white creature.
Creating this artwork was quite f
Strong Oak 8x10 Print
Capturing the living strength of a mighty oak tree; canvas filled with the the brightest colors to highlight nature's joys. This Tree of Life wall art is picture perfect for brightly representing all that hope brings. The happiness and excitement of Creation can be found in the sunlight filtering through the branches.
Koi Tat 8x10 Print
The artistry involved in the creation and application of tatoos inspires me. This is the BlissBrush spin of a Koi Fish Tatoo... the color splash adds the pop of life to it.
Shoot for the Stars 8x10 Print
I found this canvas at a thrift store, begun with outlines and full of potential. After a thorough revamping of it (twice, in fact!) I can now present a beautiful, whimsical, original piece of BlissBrush artwork. Look for beauty and potential in all places!
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