Balancing Act

It is often spoken of. It is often strived for. It is a fickle thing. That thing is "balance." How do we find "balance" in our careers, relationships, family, obligations, and hobbies? How do I rightly slice the pie between motherhood and painting as an artist? Recently, I was listening to a podcast as I worked and heard one of the commentators say that she does not like the phrase "balance" when it comes to her life. Now, she is not an artist, but is a business savvy woman who has many years of experience at life. Her word of choice was "synergy" (like my art style as seen in my Gallery). The goal of synergy is not to divide everything into sections, but to create a life that is one consistent flow. The flow may consist of separate strands of varying thickness and length through the stream of life's flow, yet all are racing toward the same end. What is at the end? That is for each person to decide. As nice as it would be to compartmentalize each area of our lives... it won't happen. We have to appreciate the gradient beauty of the synergistic flow as each part of our lives spills into another. Personally, I keep the end goal of my life in perspective as I bring my mothering, painting, relating, living, and breathing into one giant brushstroke of living beauty. PS: It's always a work-in-progress


Sandy | Oregon | United States

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